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Leter International Limited is a turf (artificial grass) supplier and installation company that offers a complete range of grass products to suit all taste and landscaping requirements. Our artificial grass are visually stunning, allowing the customer to create outdoor spaces for children, pets and with no hustle to maintain. Leter artificial grass has in-built drainage to facilitate easy water flow.

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There are many reasons why we believe you should buy artificial grass from Leter International Limited. Below are the reasons; Affordable prices UV stabilized to minimize grass fading Quality and reliability is our main priority Safe for the environment and respect for nature Unlike other brands, our artificial grass looks 100% natural

Our Services

LETER CLASSIC Exceptionally lush thick (high density pile grass) with green and brown contrasting colours. Its pile length is 40mm with a length and width of 2m x 25m (50sqm for a Full roll). It is a high density pile grass LETER AKWABA A little thick well-manicured with green and brown contrasting colors. Its pile length is 30mm with length and width of 2m x 25m (50sqm for a Full roll) LETER UNIVERSAL Quality and affordable for people with limited budget. This has a shorter grass pile length of 25mm with green and brown contrasting colours. It has a width and length of 2m x 25

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Tel: +233 030 2233 577, +233 055 6699 434